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Friday, 25 May 2012

(taken from a 1971 Girls' Romances comic book)

Each male on this earth is different - that's what makes life so much fun, right? But there are a few things all men have in common from ages five to ninety·five... like masculine pride, a need to feel important and special, a desire to be independent. If you send  out negative vibes about these things, men will pick them up quicker than anyone else... and put you down! You don't want that to happen..Yon want his image of you to be one of kindness, loveliness. charm. This super image is going to come as·much from what you don't say as what you do say. So get hip to when to keep your pretty lips sealed...

1. Never tell a man he's weak, This doesn't mean you have to rave all the time about how strong he is besides not even Superman is at his best 100% of the time! Just cut out the belittling remarks.

2. Never tell a man he's dumb, or that you always know more than he does. He just won't be impressed, and he'll probably be scared, There are probably areas you are·more of an expert in than be is, and vice versa so why put him down? But keep in mind that not many boys dig the dumb-broad act these days.

3. Never criticize his appearance:. Men are unbelievably vain. That guy has worried more about bis ears sticking out than you have he doesn't need to hear the bad news from you. If you wish he"d dress hipper then start by complimenting him.on whatever he wears that you like - then you can start tactfully making: positive suggestions. But don't come on with "Ugh, you look awful in that shirt!··

4. Never ridicule him -especially in front of his buddies. He'll hold it against you the rest of his life. Nothing haunts a man more than the laughter of a spiteful woman (This doesn't mean you can't tease him gently every now and then in private -that he can take, and maybe even enjoy. But be prepared to be teased back.)

5. Never intimate secrets he revealed to you against him.  During a fight, this is very tempting, but don't burn your bridges behind you.  Men don't confide in women much - when they do, you should take it as a sign of deep trust.  Never betray him!

6. Never tell him he bores you. It's all right occasionally to let him know there are certain topics that don"t thrill you, but don't ever give him the idea that he, as a person, makes you yawn.

7. Never he possessive. Questions like "Do you like me best of all?" "Why don't you call me every night?"' '"When are you going to ask me out?" "Do you date a lot of girls?" and "Am I the greatest thing that ever happened to you?" are«d to drive him right up the wall and out of your life.

8. Never tell him everything about you. Always hold something back It will make you seem a little mysterious and give you some gentle power.

9, Never  point out your flaws to him. If he thinks you're a goddess don't tell him about your split ends or your skin problems, or your weight battles. He might change his mind about you.

10. Never let him down. You're the one person in the world who makes him feel like a god!


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