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Sunday, 16 October 2011

It's amazing that we're on Mini Skirt Monday 92 and I'm just not getting to cheerleaders - the embodiment of the miniskirt if there ever was one.  Prior to the latter half of the sixties, cheerleaders wore fairly long dresses - poodle skirt looking things that weren't impressing anybody.

Then, some unknown genius had the idea to put their cheerleaders in minis, and the rest is history.  And what's so amazing is that hemlines have gone up and down over the years, but the good ole cheerleader outfit has not once succumbed to the temptation of dropping the hemline.  Sure, they've opted for short shorts, hotpants if you will; but, they've always been the biggest ally of the mini.

What is going through this teacher's mind at this moment? Somebody get him a cold towel and a shot of Bourbon.
So, here's to you, cheerleaders. Lovers of the mini the world over owe you a debt of gratitude for never going maxi.  Since 1966-67, you've always kept it short with virtually no deviations from sea to shining sea.  Only tennis players come close to matching your admirable allegiance to the mini.  Airlines and the military have long since dropped it as a uniform, but there's not a high school or college in America that would even consider giving it up.  You are the champions of the miniskirt, and I would be remiss to not offer you a shout out.

So, in honor of the cheerleaders of this nation, here's a bunch of vintage cheerleader pics, and I ask all Retrospace readers to raise their Bics aloft as they read this post.


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